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That's Real
KL (unknown / the womb)

That's Real

What's profound in a relationship
Is pure unadulterated honesty
You love the other person so much

That it hurts.

Or are you so unrelated to who you really are?
That you refuse to be true to the real situation?

But if so that's no consolation
Concerning one's obligation.
Your obligation is to self

Not anyone else.
As humans we were created
(PERFECT) ...what happen?

A woman became a raw toy
For that raw boy,

And meat became cheapen.
As people we see what was saw...
I mean seen,

So the perfect relationship becomes a dream.
You work at that dream...
Like there is no tommorrow...

Picking up and holding on to sorrow.
Crying on the inside with every step
Hoping to get some pep.

Loving who you are...
Makes a big, big sound
When you keep both feet on the ground.

Now that's profound.


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