BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'That's The Power Of God'

His mercy endures forever
His grace is all we need
His love planted within
A soul that has been renewed
Is a prosperous seed

Do you see the early morning
Flights of the birds
Do you hear their loud songs?
All praise for all that we enjoy
Unto our Lord so powerful belongs!

The blind man was made to see
The sick woman with the issue of blood
She was healed, and Noah and his
Family were protected from the flood!

The ocean knows how far to come inland
The mountains how high to climb too
God’s power everywhere we see
Is so real and so true

The mighty winds
The mighty rushing tides
From our Loving Father
No one hides

Satan could not defeat him
And he never will
God is in charge even today
Satan can feel God’s chill

The day is coming when all shall
See how powerful our Lord is
But when all the fury breaks out
Between Jesus and Satan
God will separate and protect his!

Look up not back surrender your lives
To God the most powerful one
For time is drawing nigh
Put all of your faith in the one
Who shall soon return
For he is most high
© Copyright Becky LaPrarie 5/21/06

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i think highly of you and this poem