That's What You Do

If I were your one and only
baby I'm sure you could show me
how to take away the dark
and lead me to the light
but in a world that's full of madness
with a heart that's full of sadness
I realised you couldn't care less
but baby that's alright

For I was wishing on a star
I thought that I had come so far
I didn't realise
that you had mirror eyes
and wishes don't come true
I gave away my last remains
I thought that it was love I gained
but in a world of woe
when you've nowhere else to go
that's what you do

I thought this could be the first time
I thought this could be the last time
I thought maybe this time
everything would turn out right
I hoped we would be like lovers
I hoped we would be forever
your book was nothing like the cover
but baby that's alright

I guess I'll have some lonely nights
at least you left me with some fight
to overcome the tears
and overcome the fears
of what you do
you shouldn't play with peoples hearts
then slowly watch them fall apart
when you play your little game
lovers hanging on a chain
that's what you do.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (3)

This is a strong song as well. A real songwriting talent at work here. This has to be amongst your best. Full of perceptive comment and quality lyrical writing. Very impressed Mr Moore! ! jim
This must be a song, it is so lyrical, and a very good song at that. Love the line (among others) 'your book was nothing like the cover'.
Yes, a sad thing some do. Play to much with our hearts. A reminder to us all to be careful from the start. Love the line mirror eyes. Patricia Gale