That Summer

When I step out onto my porch

After the sun has gone down

I can hear the stars singing

I can feel the crickets dancing

And I dance along

I don’t care who is watching

Because im dancing out of love

Not of care

The bull frogs join in

And the whippoorwills too

Natures music laying out the pattern

They sing poetry in patterns and parallels

And put together the atmosphere

Of summer

Sticking flowers in our hair

And tie dying t shirts

Laying In the grass

And counting the clouds

Plucking the green leaves off the trees

And throwing them to the breeze

Building a campfire

And roasting marshmallows

To make a new page in the scrapbook of life

So one day we will sit together and look back

And be glad to remember our fun times we shared

That summer

by Brooke Hippie

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An enjoyable and fun write; perhaps you would let me post your poem on my website. The URL is: Drop me a line at your lesiure; thanks!