MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Pollution And Nature.

Silence, meaningful silence
The nature, always in silence
Irreparable damages we make
Meaningful silence nature seems.

Nature knows the misdeeds
Nature tries to evade the faults
Nature gets up to restoration
The damages it controls everywhere.

But what else the nature can do
When damages beyond its comprehension
The satanic chemicals everywhere
Spread in haste which destructs nature.

In bombs, shells, mortars, plastics
Nature made itself impure just like a child
With black ink poured in its body
And tries to clean by the poor mother
Nature ever tries to rectify damages
But unfortunate not always in success.

Leakage of oil in great oceans
Dumping of bio wastes in river waters
Throwing plastic wastes in open places
Nature itself finds it difficult to contain
Nature make nature always pollution free
To continue the human journey in generations.

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very deep, Midnight. this is a place where we all need to spend some time. jane s x