That Warm Feeling

Poem By Arti Chopra

That warm feeling,
when you talk to old friends,
cannot be compared,
brings flooding back
memories of times shared,
happy times when were younger
enjoying life was our only hunger,
laughing giggling gossipy moments,
come flooding back, and make you sigh
they bring a smile to your face,
memories you can never erase
for they were happy times,
spent in wonderful places and beautiful climes
its friends who make life worthwhile,
friends who make you smile
and now when many years have flown by
and you hear the voice of an old friend,
its a feeling like nothing else
that warm and wonderful feeling
that tells you, all is well
in their world and yours,
your heart just soars,
and you give thanks for
this treasure you possess
how else do you express
your gratitude
for having such wonderful friends...
and now our children are grown,
and we make sure they too, have sown,
the wonderful seeds of friendship,
with the children of our friends,
the circle never ends,
they too revel in the fact,
that their parents were good friends,
and so love begets love
friendship is like a flower
the beauty of which you wonder,
let nothing tear it asunder,
look after it and nourish,
and watch the flower flourish
dont pick it and throw it away,
for there will come one day
when you will need a friend,
to share, to be you support, and your guide
and then where will you hide
your dark times how will you bide
if you have no friend.....
so be true to the friendship
and you will find
the treasure you have left behind
wherever they are, be in touch
you will gain so much
just a sound of their voice
will make you rejoice and be happy,
thank God for old friends....

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