A Pig's-Eye View Of Literature

The Lives and Times of John Keats,
Percy Bysshe Shelley, and
George Gordon Noel, Lord Byron

Byron and Shelley and Keats
Were a trio of Lyrical treats.
The forehead of Shelley was cluttered with curls,
And Keats never was a descendant of earls,
And Byron walked out with a number of girls,
But it didn't impair the poetical feats
Of Byron and Shelley,
Of Byron and Shelley,
Of Byron and Shelley and Keats.

by Dorothy Parker

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Nice! I offer this one suggestion: Halloween approaches. A costumed lizard, blue in color, could do the trick. L
this is a piece of poetry that i spent ten minutes reading herbert only because i wanted to get it right, i read three things into it and if i was wrong it doesn't matter i felt a touch of sadness and unrequited rejection and a sense of loss and a great deal of love whatever the outcome Warm regards allan