That Was Yesterday

That was yesterday
Someone asked me
If I had fallen astray in any particular way
I replied, ’ That was yesterday, not today’

I took the sunshine without making any hay
I allowed all my silver white teeth to decay
I partied and played each and every other day
I made friends and became the traitor who betrayed
I worked hard without getting my rightful pay
I only listened to whatever others had to say
I was always sad and never wore a face jubilantly gay

That was yesterday
Today is today

Yesterday I fell astray
I think it was almost every other day
But that changed in the month of May
As I got down on my knees to pray

Yesterday, Yesterday is gone
I’m free
I’m free
From yesterdays race
I’m back home in my rightful place

Life is work and not just play
Those answers came without delay
Yes but! That was yesterday, not today

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

by Sylvia Chidi

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