Rough Sleeping

So many doorways
So many children
Where is the thinking
It can go on ignored

Why aren't they safeguarded?
What is their mental condition?
Why all these negative suppositions
They take drugs
They are drunks
They are tramps

Giving is easy and saves lives
But isn't it all so prolonging these lies
And allowing our governments
To disseminate more divisions

Without making policies to help
It continues to be normalised
So what are laws like "safeguarding" for?
If it isn't for the destitute
The mentally ill,
Or those rough sleeping in a shop door on the floor.

If this were a World War
And that frozen sleeping bag swaddled body
Was a victim of war?
I guess there would be an outpour of help
Not just when it is -4 °C
Let's get them off the floor until the thaw.

In so many doorways
So many of our nation's children line the street
Where is the town planning the thinking?
Can it go on being ignored?
Looking on, watching our leaders
Rule with might of sword
What is happening, my gentle Lord.

by Mark Heathcote

Comments (2)

I love this poem... One of my favorites of Emily Bronte. She has a beautifully wild essence about her.
The poem has a good flavour....though not rated quite highly but still for me this is quite a good work.....