That Words 'I Love You'

Poem By Lidya Tunggala

Stars aren't shining that shine again
Wind aren't singing that song again
Where are the soul from your voices?
I close my eyes and I heard your voice...
whispering 'I Love You'

Each steps remind me to the sun
Each smile reminds me to the beauty of flowers
Now..I'm Screaming even crying
Still, the world seems don't understand
'I missed you'

How can distance separate us this far..
I'm here...feel you breathing
I'm here...Watch your shadow
I realize that 'I need you'

Love will never die when sundown
Memory will not fade when time stop
Really wish you're here
Standing beside me and once again..
whispering that word 'I Love You'

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really pretty, thanks for sharing. -shannon

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