Thatcher: A Dog's Pride

I stand in the silhouette
of his staunched golden greatness
and imitate his bark—just once.
and he turns to look at me
as if to decree:

”Oh come now, that’s just insulting.”

by s./j. goldner

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Comments (4)

Liked the simplicity of this. The narrative style effective when pitched well, as here.
so simple and so darn good
I don't quite know how to render 'ghhhngngnhnoopscoughcoughlaff' in proper English. But that would be my comment. If I were capable of making it.
Well far better than being Bush's bitch Sus's! lol Nice short, shart quip type poem. How is Ronnie these days anyway? Madam has retired to la la land, not mine though, I wouldn't give her standing room and told her to get on her bike! No Thatcher like Tai