Thats The Past

There you stand
Right in front of me
With your arms open
Just enough to let me squeeze in
And show you what we can be
And to show me who you are

And then they say
That its not a good idea
That your not for real
And they try to show me
who you really are

And then there’s you
Who came up from behind
And took me by surprise
The one I avoided
And inevitably
Started to fall for
Then you left
as swiftly as you came in
And only then did I realize
How far I almost really fell

And when I walk away
I see you
And you’ve got that face
That makes me melt
And that touch that makes me shudder
And you’ve got that girl
Whose so much better for you

You were only number two
And you hit so hard
I fell to the ground
And bled for so long
But you’ve never seen
You can only manage
To make things worse
And yet you’ll never leave

And then there’s you
Who stood in the back
For so long
But whose beautiful eyes
Showed me so much
When you said so little
And whom I took advantage of
Only to see now
That I lost something grand

That will never be regained
Because when it was there
It seemed too little
Because I was too blind
And thought I found something better
When all that it would do
Was hurt me

And then there’s you
The first and only
The one who showed me the truth
And told me what I could be
And yet
Even then I never did
I was never good enough
You’ve got much better
And that’s best

But I’ll always be here
Waiting for the day
You give me a second chance
And when that comes
I won’t let you down
I’ll be the best

And when that’s not good enough
I’ll walk away
Head held high
Because I gave it all I’ve got
When that wasn’t much at all
I know you’ve got better

Because I’ll never be best

by Alicya Trevor

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