~*thats Why...

Drop of rain, our love began..
sorrow or happiness she been there for me thru it all.
She tells me she loves me,
and a flower blooms..
Past and future, I know she'll be right there beside me.
Tonight I'll hold her close..
kissing her lips and making sure she feels safe..
cuz in the morning sun, she'll be gone..
kissing me away..
telling me We'll meet again tonight..

A love thats tender,
yet never forcing..
She wakes me up,
telling me its time for breakfast..
Waffles Of course! she says every morning..
my baby is sweeter than honey..
no flaws to be found..
she is the shooting star in my sky..
that comes out every night..
kissing me, holding me.. till we both fall asleep..

She made me trust..
making me believe all she said is true..
for she never forsake me..
and she loves me...

She drew me something the other day..
just the simple words of ' I love you '
thats all it took.. to make my day..
she is special... in her own way..
thats why I love her..

by Dislocated Heart

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