No Hate

Anger turned me read
I was red on face and almost turned dead
My mind stopped working
It was searching retaliatory words

Now I realize
How harmfully they seize
The complete body
And allow it to become shaky

It almost ruins your thinking
Compel you to go at low ebb with sinking
You are boiling with rage
You become inconsistent with an age

Hate has to be shunted out
As it should never be wanted
Even if someone excites you with abuses
Just calm down and refuse to be drawn

Love must rule
Man is called fool
If he adopts hate inv life
Then life shall be turned into strife

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (2)

Two errors, I'm afraid - corrections: 1. Over the land freckled....... (NOT half freckled) 2. Delicate as flower of grass (NOT a flower of grass) Wonderful short poem
Few words and so a lot said, into the precise way, like to this low form. Great it is stimulating the imagination. 'What in below could of notes see...' - beautiful and real.(10v.) like it very much. Maria Barbara Korynt