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The 10 Commandments
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The 10 Commandments

The 10 commandments hung on my wall
They fell, but they did not fall,
Upon my wall they hung there for all to read
And hopefully there also, for all to heed.
For years they hung as a beacon of light
To show the golden rules that are in man's sight,
But, then one day they stopped being obeyed
When I and God, were both betrayed.
Commandment one was quickly broken
As fast as it was read and then spoken,
"Even though it was I who created the soul in thee"
You loved money and objects more than me.
Then commandment number two it then quickly fell
Which will surely send anyones soul to hell,
"I said do not ever take my name in vain"
But, you did it in anger, and hate and also in pain.
Commandment three was the next to go
A Commandment that we each and everyone does know,
We have all broken it with a grain of salt
So, that broken commandment was each ones fault.
Commandment six she broke that one with ease
When other men she wanted to and did please,
Then she got angry and then cursed and shook her fist
When she found out that Commandment really did exist.
Then when she had no money for her pill
From her family and others she did rob and steal,
It might even stop her from entering into heaven
So, she didn't care to break commandment number seven.
Then with her sins she was caught and she was irate
Then she began to break commandment number eight,
She then lost her soul and her honor and also her pride
When she misinformed, then victimized and lied.
Breaking the next commandment was a fine line
When it came to the next commandment number nine,
"Your neighbor's wife you shall never covet"
But, she was the wife and having an affair she loved it.
Upon my wall the 10 Commandments once hung
Which is the guide for both the old and the young,
Now those commandments are read and revered once more
Ever since she had walked out of my front door.

Randy L. McClave

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