The 3 Points Of Love

there are three points of Love
Beuty of course is the first
like a never-ending stare
that never gets worse
sucked in and suduced
by what only tends to attract
not knowing, confused
what their heart often lacks
there are three points of Love
strangly Deciet is the second
hurts like falling from a peak
and then you're suddenly reckoned
illusions from the domesticated bitch from you're surroundings
tried not to see it
but you're heart kept bouncing
denial of the decietfullness takes you to the grave
and for a its feekleness often makes things strange
there are three points of Love
Hate has to be the last
wishing it'd disinigrate
all wrongfull from the past
left stranded and diranged
like one person on a phone
kept on talking
but just a dial tone
there are three points of Love Beuty, Deciet, and Hate
great, now this Love i cant escape

by Adrian Garcia

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