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The İNception Of An American Life (Tae Hong Min)

I came to a place.
A place where I made first made friends.
These were the time of my life.
I learned my English this way,
So my English wouldn¡¯t be paid.
Disdainfully, I moved from this palace of mine,
To a place where peace will take some time.
3 long months later,
I came back,
Only to realize that many of the acquaintances and friends of mine,
Were gone.
Now I am in a new place,
Missing my old,
But the past seems like a great inerasable fragment of my life.
I used to feel melancholy,
To live in such a strange feeling,
I have moved on to the next level of my life.
Impossible to go back,
Suddenly feeling the sensation of being older and more matured,
Of the place where I had lived 7 great years.
The place of the time of my life.

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