The 4th

a day full of hope, you and i have perfected
we celebrate this love, from today since we have started
but on this special day comes once in every month
expect me to give you whatever it is, anything that you want

you gave this life a meaning and showed me a new door
and now that i have you i dont need anything more
the 4th month we celebrate our love
those eyes and lips is what im always thinking of

5th month is almost there and so is half a year
i can live forever as long as you are near
and i got nothing to fear
cuz i know that you wil stay and will always be here

i want you more and more as the song meets its ending
i miss you more than ever as this messege sends it meaning
and i love you so much as my heart scream its every beat
and you should knoe that you are what my heart seeks

loving you until its peaks, even though it has no ending
and to get to you... i would stop at nothing
well, i jus wanna say a very happy 4th monthsary
i will love you from now until........ until eternity

by rustico aungon

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