The A7

once out in Pittsburgh i took a bus
and rode it to the end of the line—
just for the hell of it.

and the bus driver turned to me and said,
“Well, dear,
this is where I get off.”

and i didn’t know how to get back.

by s./j. goldner

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ive read this one alot and on more than one occasion and i can never read it just once, i guess it makes you wonder just what each of us would do without anyone to help, i love your life eyes. ben
Susan...I was just wandering through some of your poems and came across this one. I liked it because of its simple narrative line and its larger metaphoric value, but I would cut the last, isolated line, leaving one at the moment of abandonment. Take care, John
You rock! Reminds me very much of Richard favorite poet. I love it! ! !
Great, I loved it. I like the driver's madness and the absurdity of the situation. I hope it's a true story, that would make it even better. It reminds me of a time when a bloke knocked on my door and asked me what I wanted! Beautifully insane. Esra Sloblock
Great poem. Explains absolutely everything. Pittsburgh, Sus, the Galaxy, Saturday, and just everything. Also reminded me of the line, 'On the whole, I'd rather be in Pliladelphia.' Of course that was another end of the line.. Wonderful stuff.
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