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The Witch's Switch

The witch's Switch
Which is where
The naughty ones go
When day falls
And Death dares to show

The switch is
How evil knows
Where a path does
Dirty deeds grow

Belong to the switches
Which with
Man stumbles

The witch's switch
Is light which is
Faked on and off
The stumble flow and
Stubble yet creases
A witch's desiring
Wish and wishes
The Light would not show

I fell in a witch's switch

But Light which is swift
To light my burden and quick
At the switch
To accomplish knowledge
Of all of what's done
What's left

Know now the whitch's switch
And how that trap
is but a ditch to be as
A grave for the
Witch's ugly name

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Wow, I'm almost speechless. This poem, it kind of gets you in the heart. No child should have to go through this, but it's the way some people handle their anger and pain, by hurting others. Great Job! :)