LB (31 may 1991 / empangeni, south africa)

The Abusive Man

I understand why you won't leave him.
It's because no matter how many times he hits you,
slaps you,
humiliates you,
or even degrades you;
you can still look at him and see the same man who
once cherished you,
praised you,
worshipped you.
The same man who promised you
more than the moon and the stars.
The man who loved you..

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That is one of the most powerful poems I've read in awile! I'm glad I got t oread it :)
Touching Poem, Thanks.
You really get into it.I'm deeply touched.
Understanding someone in this way, is the first step to offering the help that is required to change the situation. No one has the right to hurt another individual. this might seem idealistic, but trust me on this one. I worked with women in abusive relationships for six years, and still do on occasion. Understanding, and not turning away from your friend is a very good thing that you are doing. Your friend (?) needs your support. Often it may take 40 or more assaults, before a woman will finally reach out for help. The two most dangerous times in an abusive relationship, are pregnancy and seperation. Be there for your friend and offer whatever help you can. Hugs, Dee
there is really gr8 feel to it... nice write....
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