The Abyss

Space and Matter
Infinity define

Innumerous essence around

Heart exulted
Spirits alighted
Passion delineated


Time flies

Mood flickers
Reason rambles
Uncertainty broadens

Nothingness sinks

Deep, so deep


by Abha Sharma

Comments (17)

Nothingness sinks Deep, so deep Where? ---------- We will never be able to explain what we understand from that point. We are only particle into the time womb...
nice one definitely thought provoking
Question that haunt us all. Where does 'nothingness go'? It feels heavy and appears to give us a 'sinking feeling, ' but how far can it descend? Can it also rise? Your poems are thought-provoking and expertly composed. Keep up the good work.
we cant help this eternal sinking into that hollowness...dont we have beauty to appreciate, , my view, ,
I am trying to get this, but at this point and time I think I am lost in translation.
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