The Abyss

Three men fell into a dark abyss;

Night followed as they cursed and yelled,

Their words echoing in the mist,

Announcing their presence to the ghosts that dwelled.

By dint of chance one man looked down,

And upon gazing into an endless black,

He choked with fear, in despair he drowned;

Twice more he fell, once with a resounding crack.

The second man heard a tumbling,

But he could not care, for he was held rapt, mouth agape,

At a moonlight shaft, so brightly shining,

A silver pillar of hope, illuminating a possible escape!

Yet under the same silver light,

The rocks bore a menacing shade,

So reminiscent of death, craggy and spiked.

Still held in hope, till death the second man stayed.

The last man watched his comrades' folly

As he sustained on mist and moss.

By then, he thought surely,

He had learnt from his comrade's loss.

Thus, when he walked to the foot of craggy rock,

He resisted the temptation to gaze below,

Then looked up with his heart locked,

And marveled at the moon's cool glow.

It was all the he could see,

Thus with single mind he climbed,

Ignoring his body's pleas,

Focused on the growing moon, it would soon be time.

He stretched out longingly to the heavenly body,

But all at once, his strength left him;

Naught but mist and moss had left him sickly,

And he plummeted with barely a scream.

With great force he slammed into the ledge,

Oh, the agonized cries he made, as he rolled right off the edge!

by Celine Koe

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