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The Accidental Church.
CP ( / Shelfield.Staffs.England.)

The Accidental Church.

Poem By Cecilia Parkin

We came as a group of unknowns
Untried to what was to follow.
We mixed with those who, at times,
Thought they had it all - but had nothing.

Their days saw no sun, heard no birds
held no ambitions - still less love -
Only for themselves, as they cheated
Stole, deceived both themselves and others.

But Christ was there, and he called us
To share some of what they had become.
We got to know them as people,
Each with their own story to tell.

The strength and weaknesses of us all
Were merged together, and often we needed them
As much as they needed us,
To give sense to a materialistic world.

HE moved in and amongst us in HIS diverse ways
And gave us a bond so special
That though we have now gone our several ways
We know that our involvement with the 'Drop In'
Changed and enriched us all.

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Thank you for sharing this, lovely words. A warming testament to what man can achieve with fellow man, with a little help from the spiritual