The Aches Of Love

Poem By Laquory Jones

Have you ever felt your knees buckle
underneath when you are too afraid to
Speak if anyone trying to get through
Mentally too much turbulence just to
Get through this non sense it has
Already ate up more than half my
Conscience but still I'm left to crunch
It in so what am I left to munch on then
When I'm left with nothing when people
Punch me thin you become lunch meat
When You can't figure out this Life while
You struggle to survive before you too
Meet your own demise I'm not trying to
Depress I'm trying to suppress nothing
More nothing less this combined stress
That I must confess with this distress
Becoming a mental mess that never rest
You say to yourself later in Life I will
Get some help but what's wrong with me so
I'm thinking until the cerebral can no
Longer drink up endorphins for my brain
Cells so literally I've over-think myself
To death over exhausting it's last breaths
But what else could I do with these thoughts
I'm just trying to seek what Einstein sought
But the brain is in a drought no more
Thoughts are spitting out so I continue to
Doubt for no reason while others are begin
ning to tease me making me constantly uneasy
Inside I start to go crazy like a mind
on rabies maybe it's the things that I think
Up daily when I try to figure out myself
Why do I think this way maybe somehow
It brings peace to a life that I struggle to
Survive in while trying to keep myself
Vibrant where am I going no one knowing
I'm tip toeing trying to find a pathway
Through love maybe People don't love
You enough it can be rough but what
Happens when your handcuffed My
Love was snuffed and engulfed in flames
Now My days will Never be the same

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Mentally too much! ! Love and pain. Thanks for sharing.

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