The Actual Contents Of My Deceiving, Well-Trained Heart

I remember the pain
That you left behind
The time that has passes
Has not been kind
I’ve spent many nights thinking
That you were the best I ever had
I wish I could tell you
But the result would be bad
Yet I can’t seem to stop thinking
About all that we’ve been through
I wonder if you still think of me
Like I still think of you
And to be completely honest
You’re something I don’t want to forget
Because absolute happiness
Is something I can’t regret
They tell me it will get better
But I know that that’s a lie
Because nothing can make this easier
Not distance or people or time
I remember the day we fell apart
It’s so clear in my head
I still love you with all my heart
But I pretend I don’t instead
I know I said I was completely over you
But I’m afraid it isn’t so
Because my deceiving, well-trained heart
Will never let you go

by M.A. Ces

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