The Adonis

Young god, head held high,
proud mane blowing
in the city's dirty breeze,

clothes just enough rumpled
to make a woman believe
you just climbed out of a quickie
or stepped off of page 42
in this month's GQ.

Do you mind that I turn and look
as you walk by?

No, of course not.
You don't see me as a threat.
You don't even see me at all.

But give me ten more years...
then I'll be old enough
to reach over,
give your butt a squeeze and say,
mmm... nice buns...

by C.J. Heck

Comments (2)

I wrote a poem once called 'The Yum-Yum Man.' Echos of my own thoughts ring in my ears when I read your work. Funny is not the word for it. Linda
Don't ya love looking at men like that? ! I know I do.......