AME (24/7/1987 / egypt-sohag-tahta-shatoura)

The Adorer Boy Can Not Forget

Because of his yearning for her absent eyes,
that live with him nights and days,
As soon as he meets in front of him any eyes,
he remembers her large ones,
Feels lost and completely confused he becomes.

If he asked about the name of one of his pupils,
he is completely confused if her name is similar to his lover's.

Usually the adorer boy is absentminded and surprised,
as soon as he sees a girl, in the same colors' of his lover, passed.
The boy more than once, by a reckless vehicle or taxi, was about to be crashed,
when in the heart of the street, her laugh he remembered.

The more dangerous is when the boy sets alone,
and night's walls and mountains surround him severely on his own.
Again he remembers his lover and sighs painfully,
He feels sorry for himself and sheds tears gradually.

Depressed the boy sleeps and when he gets up the same thing happens,
when the sun gets hot and the air for the high branches of balms it moves,
Soon he remembers all his memories beginning from his silence when her hand he touches,
his lost eyes inside countries in her large eyes tell her about his back and forth between Ikmim bridge and the university classes,
Until he waits her for six hours in the club of police officers.

Your peace of mind is condemned to death,
when your lover for your date forgets,
or send a message saying 'I can not come today. I am under certain circumstances',
'Two days later I will come' she sends so because you heavily call her and sends messages,
that certainly arrive in embarrassing times.
Oh boy she told you that she is under circumstances or she has guests.

Yes, peoples' speech are right,
on Saturday there was on her marriage the agreement.
People were gathering,
a beautiful clothes she was wearing.

The street was sprayed and area's children were running right and left,
Only stop when someone brings sweet for them along with trilling cries of joys to compliment.

Oh you still call her?
You still love her?
Oh baby you still on such a table alone sit,
Waiting the first breath of air reaches it,
I mean your heart,
to carry you to the boat?

You row alone?
Face days' waves with your own?
in order to arrive her beach on the other side, alone among the procession you sit?
With great sorrow you look through the hole of the door that days close it?

Oh stranger you must take permission if you think to sit for awhile on the beach of her eyes,
if you are very hot and need to sit on the shade of bananas' trees that are planted on her eyelashes,
that are accompanied with paved road from the end of the eyelash to her hair lines.

Although you love dreams and hope to venture more to know more,
travel on such prohipted way beginning from her eyes' color passing by her hair.
It is better for the boy to keep silent,
Certainly, it better for him to forget.

The boy can not live just an hour without remembering the girl in every moment he lives.
On the night of her marriage, sorrow surrounded the boy, tied his arms, felt unable to stand on his legs.

The boy after the absence of his lover, death he hopes,
and because sleeping and despair are the first steps of death, as he knows,
he slept suddenly, soon his lover came to him in the dream talking,
and again as in the past laughing.
Since this time when the boy walks up from his dream, he dies.
And when he wants to be alive, he takes sleeping shroud and lives.

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