(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Advice

Should I be held responsible,
For advice someone has asked of me...
They did not take.
Or stop to think about it to consider?

Should my reputation,
Be dragged through the mud...
Because my actions seem not to care,
What that person does?

And why has my life,
To live as I wish...
Become judged and scrutinized,
Because of this?

If someone is unhappy,
To discover a choice they have made...
With it done to me to have said,
I should spend more time...
Minding my own business.
And my business had not been,
On a selfish mission to pursue?

I am not quick to dismiss these words to hear.
Nor do I think twice to ponder over to consider,
What I can do to make it clear.
To know the advice given to me heard...
I can take to put my name on it.
And with it done to prove I do pay attention.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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