(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Aftermath [rev]

The adrenaline-high's over, now facing the aftermath;
fatigue & getting back into routine of repeating same
things, from unusual events back to duty - relaxation
by rote, no spontaneity, no spur of moment decisions
nothing to disturb the Master of this Castle - and no
adrenaline staring at same scenes - salvation to be
found in reading library books

Soon life will be agreeable again after adventures of
two 18-hour bus trips and facing challenges posed by
the Duchess - and Petruschka adding his share to the
heady mix; mother preaching and me advising her to
stop treating all people like idiots to be charmed and
exploited; dad getting angry, seeing fear in his eyes
on my threatening his little world

By cleaning his room; the Duchess haughtily distant
telling me she's happy when she was patently not - the
sales-lady pretending to know everything about crystal-
consciousness; exchanging presents and family secrets
rehashed & proving to have no more power over me, a
boring life enlivened by Petruschka wishing to buy a
farm with iron foundry & forge & implements

To be salvaged & sold to museums; trip on a quad-bike,
two hovels to be torn down - the labour worthy because
of the marvellous view of the mountains & the Duchess
unhappy to lose her home till they can build a new one:
such wonderful challenges & adventures and here I am
back home, nose to the grindstone of preset decisions
and all the homely scenes…

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Sounds like a fun time with the fam damily!
Soon life will be agreeable again after adventures. Very amazing feelings shared here definitely. Wisely penned poem shared.10