The Age Of Computer Express

This is the age of computer express,
A name that signify the best, when it comes to digital and electronic demand.
Qualified professionals with diversity,
Superb minds of expertise, meeting every challenge hand and hand.
Seeing to a job well done, steady growth and beyond,
Projecting toward a certain goal to reach.
Capitalizing off of each new invention,
Visualizing without desecration, always pursuing the quest for the peak.
Each one of us have a role to play, guided by a force
Both night and day, motivated by what we do the best.
Being responsible as we carry on, destined from birth
Until we are grown, making corrections test after test.
The progress wheel at a rapid pace, benefiting both man
And race, staying ahead of each generation passed.
And when it's time for the scene to change,
It will be in place to start again,
Until we all have fulfilled our purpose at last.

by Bobbie Teague

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