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The Age Of Un-Natural Beliefs
WET ( / Miami Beach, Florida)

The Age Of Un-Natural Beliefs

The age of un-natural beliefs are upon us
The year 2000 who knows what to follow
Mopeds on the water synthetic foods
Immigration to the moon and outer space
Un-natural babies the 21st century system
Electronic boom, high deceptions
A barrage of metallic sophistications
Decides the fate of humanity
Man is relying on self-revelations
God is seen as primitive
The concept leads to darkness and misjudgement
No light shines from above
The way it was must be taught again
Look to the one who is Alpha and Omega
Don't be led by the age of un-natural beliefs
Truth of God, brings peace and life everlasting.
The Music of Flowers I can hear the purple rose sing the blues
The yellow rose sings of the sunshine as it glows
The red rose sings of the joy of living
The white rose sings of purity in heaven
Let us all enjoy the music of the flowers
They sing songs of melody and new beginning
Love China Oh God! The land of a billion people
Dear God, please to love this land
A place of beauty and endless potential
May God make great use of her young
For they are the future China
And on which China depends,
So we ask you Lord, to love China
Her seeds planted today, will produce tomorrow

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