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The Ageing Sugar Daddy

With a blond beauty in her early twenties he swaggers down the street
The ageing Sugar Daddy so full of self conceit
They smile and laugh together he kiss her on the cheek
Financially quite wealthy but 'tis said his heart is weak.

He buy her the most expensive clothes and her he wine and dine
Does she love him for his money or as a father figure your guess is as good as mine
He is at least three times her age with brown dye he cloaks his gray
Though he'd be the last one to admit that he has known a better day.

His heart bypass operation was successful he will live on for awhile
And with a young beauty to snuggle up to him he can afford to smile
He is infatuated by her for her he left his old wife
And she is feeling bitter but sadly such is life

Considering his age and heart condition he may not have much time left
But without him his young beauty need not feel all sad and bereft
Of suitors since she will have his money and with youth and beauty to catch the eye
Many years of love and loving she has left to enjoy.

The Ageing Sugar Daddy with one a third of his age
A beautiful young woman just past the girlie stage
Hand in hand they go out walking he buys her a good time
And he well over sixty and she not in her prime.

by Francis Duggan

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