The Ageless Society

Join the ageless society
Come join The Prince of Peace
Be free of all anxiety
When time has come to cease

As the age of shame scales its height
Demonic thrones fall down
On hell bestow no dread no fright
On death no victor’s crown

Time: will cease to threaten man
When lives, Jesus we give
As always was, still is God’s plan
To thrive and always live

Seek out Salvation whilst on earth
Let Satan’s ties be torn
Become God’s child, through rebirth
Before the youngest dawn

Consider grace, with endless love
Consider not to die
To rise, to shine, to reign above
With Christ, life’s King on high

Yet the thief, continues stealing
While killers, murder still
Still fraudsters are double dealing
Against God’s righteous will

Man’s age and time is in God’s hand
Most people spend in vain
They’ll disappear as specks of sand
When Jesus comes again

Though time will rule, for yet a while
Show for age no fear
When hair turns grey, praise God and smile
Eternity’s near…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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