The Agony

The agony is overwhelming, the rain is covering my tears
It drops the endless supply of water to lube my gears
The shadows are lurking in this dark place
The voices are calling to say my final grace
I drop to my knees trying to ask for salvation
What is the miracle of the human`s creation?
Will this magical action be ever repeated?
I am on the path to find out as ever committed.
Repentance is the word of the day, it`s not a game
Not the show with original content, it`s vortex
Sucking all life merely stable, but cut at the root with an axe.
I am perplexed, I do not talk to my almost ex.
Criminally not guilty, but still the situation ain`t pretty.
I am like a lefty signing the final order with my right hand
What is my plan? To leave the clan and wander alone?
I am prone to resistance, I blew the chance of reciprocal love
I let the dove fly high with a broken wing without a staff.
I cover my shame with a wig, a mask to your surprises,
When the sun rises, you`ll see me running the open fields
To breathe fresh air into my non-existent gills,
I`m like a fish swimming in the top layer clouds
This beat is on point, it`s soft but internally loud.
Shotgun on the shoulder is guarding my border,
My personal space, you`ll be amazed how it`s glazed
without sugar, it`s sweet like nougat and caramel
Parabellum`s cold muzzle is drawing the lines in  parallel
In the sand which will be wiped out by the seas swell.....

by Vladi Vostok

Comments (2)

A great start with a nice poem, Vladi. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Repentance is the word of the day, it`s not a game... yes, it is not a game, it brings a person to the true path which leads him to peace. It is a marvelous philosophical poem. Thanks for sharing.