The Agony In Me

The mild image of rolling grasslands, the fine moisture of morning dew
Water so cool and calm
Thoughts so distant from me now, as I'm forced back to my hell
Now I lay here battered and bruised
Forgotten by all I thought who cared
Pondering about what will happen to my insignificant soul
Apprehensive if I will overcome this feeling
My eyes vacant, the color stolen from me
My heart beats faster, for the happiness it knew has been diminished
I am too exhausted to move, I can hardly breathe
My tattered body lies frail on the harsh ground of my hell
The abundant air surrounds my body
And bares down with a living weight
The darkness slowly crushes my frame
As panic of my life, flows through my still veins
Fear has captured my every movement,
Each delightful thought just brings back more dreadful memories
No one is here to save me
What I see, is what I feel
Each breath I take, becomes each movement I take
My cries soundless, My voice killed in all of my words
Will I be commended to live here for eternity?
Where joy disintegrates and sadness absorbs me?
Living this life must be familiar, for the aid of this anguish is lost
Each day passes and my hopes are destroyed
Pleasure is crushed in my dismal world,
Sadness is ample yet daily
I forgive the evil of men as they have endured more anguish than me
This world is like an abyss. The abyss I will finally escape from
The suffering is finally over, and now I'm covered in joy
As the grasslands and the moisture of dew float into my body
I feel the light from above, and finally discover that I have reached my heaven

by Nicholas Oifoh

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