The Agony Of Being Humble

You can say anything you wish about me.
But know this...
When I discovered to find,
Initiative and confidence as a benefit...
I realized I had so much,
I could give some away.
So what do I do?
Being the giver that I am?
I began to give admirers my gifts.
With no expectations.
And 'still'...
I am accused of being selfish and egotistical.

'Thank you for your 'gift'?
Where do you expect me to hang,
An 8 by 10 inch framed picture?
And, it's of you?
Has it been oil painted? '

That's what I'm saying.
I can't get anyone to admit,
They appreciate what it is I do.
And if it had been a mural,
Oil painted or not...
Immediately they would rush,
To hang it right on the wall in their bedroom.
But no!
I'm left to suffer through my humility.
Left to question myself,
~Why do you even bother to share? ~

The agony of being 'humble',
Is much too emotional for me.
I'm sure there are only a few living to exist,
Tolerating this kind of torment.

'You can't be serious?
Are you crying? '

No. Not really.
I am not crying 'that' kind of cry.
I'm just overwhelmed by your re-action.
Full with joy I am.
That's all.
This too shall pass.~

Who is it that said...
Abundance shared is abundance spread?
~You did. You just said that.~
I know.
There's nothing like having an intelligent conversation.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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