The Agony Of It All

When will it end, the suffering and pain,
The cries for help, O such little it's plain.
We do what we must, but is it all what we can, till we come-up
With a cure in somebodys' land.
They are only human and our fellowman.
Someone give us a miracle, they need a helping hand.
Now it's still out there, just waiting you see,
As we all stand helpless and begging...Please!
It has no preference, as we all plainly see,
Oh God, grant us a miracle or has it already been seen.
If this is so, where is the gleam?
The gleam should be shining in everyone's dreams.
But the "Agony of it all" is so plain to se, that we are all
Still waiting from "Sea" to "Sea".

by Delilah Locklear Landrum

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