A Soft Touch

As, His hand touches my face
'I want to see your beautiful smile',
He would say:
'Let my eyes trace your every curve
I want to preserve everything I see'
As, He looks at me
I feel I could let go.
But, I don’t
He says:
'My love is for you,
There is so much more
you’re everything I see and adore'.
We are together
Now and forever
When we do die
Our souls will reach the sky,
but that day is not near
When death will be here
to come take us away
Before I can say.
I Love You too!

by Pam Fraser

Comments (12)

I understand it, and I Love it.
He took a little in his mouth Nicely written Sylva
There is a typo on the first line of the poem; Before man to blow to right should be, Before man to blow it right. You're welcome!
Such a masterful use of personification... That is what Robert Frost is great for
A little through the lips and throat. The aim was song - the wind could see. Nice poem.
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