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The Airport Lounge
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

The Airport Lounge

In the landscape,
I do see people sitting, peacefully.
The occasional glitter of frustration etched upon the brow,
The calm of the heart revealed.

Children sitting eating upon the lap of man,
Clip clop of heals upon tiles.
The air conditioning rumbling in the background,
The long sigh as we wait.

I take a moment to be.
I need not wait for me,
I am here, sitting with me,
Ever so peacefully.

The tension in my body,
Electrifies the air around,
The rumbling sounds,
The scraping chairs.

People stopping to reflect,
What is written upon the page.
I sit and wonder at the melancholy rising and disappearing,
Here i am today.

The curled smile,
The squinted face,
A back resting in relaxed pose,
All around the unaware.

My words once written,
Weave into a harmony of their own,
With this peace that is me.

(Written 15/6/2007, Manchester, UK and modified 23/6/2007, Bolton, UK)

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