The Aisle

Poem By Roland Jr Jamito

To a girl i briefly met on a plane ride to Japan

i walk along a busy airport aisle
and feel the rushing hour just for a while
just then your eyes, your gaze is on my way
in sudden glimpse i catch your bashful smile;

my eyes open wide as you look my way
i could just tell what they would meant to say
you put me into a spell-binded mind
now i feel like lost in a crowded play

i stir your zealous charm and flee my mind
and yes i longed to stay, i feel entwined
i had to catch my flight and board a plane
i hate to see you pass and be left behind;

i calmly fill my seat - this empty plane
the shallow time is on its brim and wane
but fate has ways to jolt my soul to leap
you came down the aisle and ask for my name

with your most lustful lips my heart could leap
when you say your name your breath i could reap
i almost die as you sit by my side
our shoulders brush and so my heartbeats skip;

with glances and smiles you share by my side
and fill that perennial 5 o'clock ride
when i hold your hands i could hold your all
i feel like i need you - my thoughts abide

how did you know you could own my all
did you find me so fragile after all
yes when the plane lands you just break me here
tis when i kiss those lips you made me fall

and now fate has twists unfold right here
for you may now be leaving for somewhere
i know you have to walk far beyond that aisle
i still have miles to go for me to dare
i still have miles to go for me to dare

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