My Baby

When I first met you it wasn’t love at first sight
But when you started talking to me my heart took flight.
Your smile was sweet and your teeth was pretty
Too you made me so crazy I was totally into you.
Your kisses were like milk chocolate kisses on a cloud
You said I was your one and only and I was so proud.

When I was with you my heart had wings and I could fly,
Touch every star in the sky when I was around you asked “will you be mine.”
You were like my diary telling my secrets out to you,
You made me feel like our love and trust was really true.
Like Nicki you protected my honor and deafened my pride
Your love was so sweet man you made so weak.

You talked about your dreams and loved me so
But I wanted to keep our relation-ship the down low.
I was you queen and you were my king together
Were inseparable a least that what it seemed.
When I thought about you there was nothing but butterflies, candy, and, rainbows galore
But sometimes I wondered did I want him anymore?
But I keep him because he made me feel good
Even though we were from different hoods.

Everyday day I would search for a word to describe you in my eyes
To where they meant you were special and that’s no surprise and
Like Kendrick you never killed my vibe. We talk for hour’s days in and out
The only problem was I wasn’t allowed out.
For a while I thought everything was great, excellent and spectacular
But that was before our love would end in great disaster.
So now I stand here with feelings of despair
Feeling like my heart it’s been chopped up in pairs.

I scream, cry and throw things across the floor
and take all your stuff and throw it in the river and shore.
You were the sweet monster that lived under my bed
but now it feels like you mauled me in anger instead.
And when you broke it off it sounded like you didn’t even care
maybe that’s why my heart is full of darkness and despair

But there the thing I was young and in love
and your older and had me and had number ones.
I didn’t know what to do
and you took control and guided me too.
And you felt different about me and so did I,
but what did you expect I guess we didn’t see eye to eye.
But though all the things you too me though and you made the way I am honey
like Mariah you will always be my baby.

by Ciara Mitchell

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