The Alcoholic Family Hero

He is a hero
not by sibling ordinal age,
nor by fate.
He did not choose
whatever he became.
You see . . . his father drank himself
out of fortune, family, and prestige,
right into the nothingness
of the streets.
Cold and motionless,
without anyone
to claim what remained,
a city dump truck
took him to the grave.
Not just any power greater than he
but The Lord alone,
led the hero to success
and . . . away from alcohol.

by A. Albert Aguero

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A well writ and presented tale
Nice poem Mr aguero
Albert reads well and i know its true as I to have been along that journey and fortunately escaped before I reached a rocky end. I have just placed a poem called Alcoholic on the web. It really shook me how easily the memories of those awful days so long ago came back. Please read it when you have time.