The Alley

Durable kitten meddling around the alley
Hoping for miraculous savior and a place called home
Convincing voices broke the quiet night
Patrons and pathetic pouring in incessantly
As the clock labored and ticking flawlessly
A long stretch of antique shop houses were housing
Sympathetic women for sales
A sign of the world’s oldest profession at it’s high

Weird eyes glancing and captured
Typical extravaganza of stimulation
Sarcastic mixture of wilds scents
Ruining a solid strong marriages
And a bachelor’s virginity
They walked into the rooms upstairs
To taste the goodies of life
The night has not ended and negotiated

At the far end of the alley
Before the turning to the main city streets
A favorite and acclaimed heaven on earth
Man other’s anatomy
Transvestites of lovable worth every penny
Infamous and laid back
Nothing compares when you need

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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