The Alpha And The Omega

Once there was a man
Who was very lonely.
He had no money.
He had no friends.
He was so lonely.

Once there was a woman
Who was very lonely.
She had no money.
She had no friends.
She was so lonely.

They had no shelter from the cold,
No place to wash themselves,
No place to relieve themselves.
No place to launder their ragged clothes

So that they could cover their
Nakedness. No place to cook
their food, if they had any.

For they had eaten of
The forbidden fruit of unemployment,
These, the new Adam and Eve.

by Mary Naylor

Comments (2)

Excellent rite Mary....I enjoyed my story being seen through the eyes of another.....
How'd Ya' hear 'bout my Story, Mary? ! Fine piece of Penning here'''''''''''''''''''fjr