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The Amazing Kinsale
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

The Amazing Kinsale

If you want to do some traveling
Ireland is the place to go
Seeped in ancient history
You’ll be fascinated with it so

Kinsale will make you welcome
Anything you’d want to do is there
Whether yachting, fishing or golf
Or a delicious gourmet fare

Nestled between hills and shore
Such a beautiful place to go
While standing on the reaching cliffs
There’s an amazing scene below

And oh, the Waterford crystal
You know, this is where it’s made
Clear back in 1873 it began
Though the arts had been delayed

Secret minerals make a special tone
No other crystal sounds the same
Its beauty is of the finest quality
It has gained tremendous fame

So as you can see, folks
To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
Ireland is where you need to visit
Go to Kinsale without delay!

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