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The Amniotic Briny
RG (June 1,1965 / Cheltenham, U.K.)

The Amniotic Briny

Glaucous eye of Homer
inscrutable, then turquoise shoaled
violet, wink of the wisp,
down the man-mountain she draws
me, slow of step, rapt in her procession.

Her breath is on my face
as I barefoot hard shingle.
Returning, all are returning who gaze
into milky luminescence and the grey
lanes between continents, where the meagre glides.
I long to be inside her.

But you can't swim. Remember?
You sank, a fist of resolution.
When her white thighs closed round your head
your ears screamed 'Death! '
and you clutched horizons.

When I see her again, she spits ice-
pure in my beard of belated.
She is incubating winter:

of women not yet born

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