The Anarchic

Growled to the ground;
Lunged to the gut;
Stoned to the ecstasy;
Dissolved to the distortion.

Serenity still doesn't linger! !
Serenity still doesn't linger! !

Hibernationed! Ohh Me!
Illusionized! Ohh Me!
Disturbed Monopoly! Ohh We!
Distorted System! Ohh We!

All you 'Genocides revolutionist'! '
Stop the fake altruisms;
All you 'Law makers! '
Stop the subversion conventions;
All you 'Pen devils! '
Stop the self-righteous manipulation.
All you 'Leads! '
Stop the brain anesthesias.

Coz we've realized the truth!
Coz we've realized the truth!

The helpless stomachs are starved.
The wounded minds are salted.
The raised fist are war fired.
The honor is toiled and soiled.

by Robin Seram

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