(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Anchor I Wear

Activity means so much less than your thoughts, Abraham says,
vibration determines the power you possess to create the world
you profess to dream into being when delight fills your mind, it is
true because as you helped me today I felt the wonder of having
a leader who is on my side all the time since family comes first
in everything, the world changed, directions and dimensions just
moved away and my heart was flooded with the joy of existence

I drank my coffee gratefully and ate triple-layered chocolate cake
gleefully, determined not to sink back into the morass of sadness
where my mind is sucked into a miniature black hole which starts
to expand until it has swallowed my whole life and only emptiness
is left where my dreams and feelings used to be - no, not today -
today I celebrate family, open my heart to the presence of some-
one who understands what I mean and amends everything when

Offered explanations of what should have been in the text on the
screen – your symbol is the anchor I wear around my neck and
my thoughts will continue to grow with the rhythms that you show
in the lines that you clinically trim to highlight the essence alone!

5 November 2013

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