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The Ancient High Kings Of Ireland
DB David Bowman ( / Hamilton, Scotland)

The Ancient High Kings Of Ireland

Softly, softly, voice of the winds
This is where the story begins,
Long, long ago, in the magic of time
Lived the high kings of Ireland, their music and rhyme

Of legends and folklore and ancient high kings,
Of leprechauns and banshees and all magical things
It tells of an Ireland so rugged and fair
Of mystical spells, and heavenly prayer.

Places so lovely all sparkling and bright
Of star studded heavens, like jewels in the night
It speaks of the crowns all ancient and past,
All regal in splendour and never surpassed

So look to tomorrow, the rainbow will shine,
Softly, softly, those dreams are all mine,
When God made old Ireland, I have to confess
The high kings of Ireland, he surely did bless

Perhaps in you dreams now, perchance you will see,
Those realms of such beauty, that once used to be,
And there in your dreams, in sleep state and mind,
Those high kings of Ireland, youÕll probably find.

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